About Driftwood Life

Driven by YOU ~ Shaped by Nature

Driven by YOU ~ Shaped by NATURE

Driftwood life is about working with nature and the outdoors to enrich and expand quality of life. Whether that be in your personal or business life. 

Driftwood Life consciously educates businesses about Plastic Free and sustainability while subconsciously saving them money.

As a company we aim to use local, organic, ecological, environmental, ethical, fair trade and recycled, products and services where ever possible (down to the last plastic free tea bag!)

Driftwood Life

AKA ~ The Plastic Lady 

Affectionally named by the Elected Mayor of North Tyneside Council, Norma Redfearn.

On a mission to champion the small changes of everyday people, influencing the big changes by people in power. I focus on the positive changes you can make. 

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

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Emmajo Haslam


~ Avid lover of being outside – Don’t cage the bear!

~ Outdoor Fitness enthusiast ~ Gyms aren’t my thing.

~ Proud Wife (ok, Cycling widow)

~ Mum to a gorgeous geeky daughter and an adrenaline junkie son ~ Never a dull moment

~ Servant to a husky called Talisker – Child number 3!

~ Healthy foodie, love local, organic, fresh veggie food.

~ Collector of recipe books but always freestyle!!

~ Love our planet, wandering & exploring. I don’t get lost, I get navigationally challenged!

~ Have been a tree hugging environmentalist since birth, but apparently now I’m cool (according to my 14 year old son!)

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