By Emmajo Haslam

Did you know you had super powers?

Did you know you have a super power? Yup you do! It’s a power that can be used to change the course of the world. 


It’s called Purchase Power


As a consumer our purchases effect the way companies do business. Our purchases have a direct impact on the environment. Every choice you make has a ripple effect across the globe. Companies have no choice but to change their strategies to keep up with the desires and the wants of the customer. They want your business. They need it to survive. 


Purchase Power: Like all super powers it’s a force that can be used for good or evil! I’m challenging you to use your super power for good! 

Sustainable Shopping Superpower

The reason I am writing this blog today is because it is Black Friday. A day designed by marketing agencies purely to tug at the inner desires to buy buy buy. Unlike other national days, there is no sentiment behind today. It is about boosting sales – plain and simple. It’s not even just a Friday anymore, It’s a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and beyond!

Fact: According to the Independent“ 90% of prices are actually cheaper at other times of the year”.

#optoutside #greenfriday

Personally I’m not going to participate – I’m an #optoutside kinda girl!

#optoutside is being supported by lots of ethical companies. They are choosing to close their doors, give their staff the day off in nature and are refusing to support the crazy mass consumerism.

The type of company that pledges to #optoutside are the companies that will get my support WHEN I do need to purchase items.

IF you feel the need to go out and buy,  then try and buy less, choose quality, not quantity and shop mindfully.

Ask yourself these questions:

~   Why am I buying this item?

~    Do I need it?

~    Is it useful?

~    Is it sustainable? 

~    Is it beautiful?

~    Will it last?

~    Is it well made?

~    Is it locally made? 

~    Can it be recycled at the end of its lifetime?

After all, over consumption is the main issue behind this years hot topics;

  • Single Use.
  • Plastic.
  • Palm Oil.

Single Use Items: are a problem. A huge problem. Full stop. 

Championing the small changes 

Plastic itself isn’t a problem. When managed in a closed loop system it can be an asset that takes the strain off other resources. However when consumed on mass and not recycled, then it is a major issue.

Palm Oil isn’t a problem – Mass deforestation to produce oil for junk foods is a problem. Palm Oil takes less land and yields higher harvests per acre than other oils. Aimlessly chopping down huge areas of biodiverse rain forests are a environmental disaster fuelled by our need for “things”.

The many faces of Palm Oil 

It’s easy to get caught up in impulse buying, advertising gurus have spent lifetimes perfecting the art of making us buy. The words “sale”, “discount” and “offer” are like triggers in our brain, they create an urge that we need to buy, they come with an emotion that is fulfilled when we feel like we have got a “bargain”. It’s the process of buying that does this more than the actual items we purchase. This is the reason that we all have cupboards full of things we never use, yet it has been proven that “things” do not make us happy.

So this Black Friday use your SUPER POWER and be the consumer that chooses not to conform. Get outside and make some memories, because at the end of the day memories, experiences and adventures are the difference between life and living!


Shaped by NATURE - Driven by YOU

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Did you know you had a super power? #optoutside
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