Driftwood Life

Driven by YOU ~ Shaped by Nature

We work with nature and the outdoors to enrich and expand your quality of life and improve your business. 

Driftwood Life is a way of life, a lifestyle choice for body, mind and soul. We know that the drive for change has to come from YOU, Driftwood Life uses NATURE to shape that change.

Our mission is to inspire and support a healthy positive change in a fun, natural way.

Wherever possible we strive to keep our business:

~ Sustainable ~ Local ~ Environmental ~

~ Natural ~ Seasonal ~

~ Organic ~ Ecological ~ Ethical ~ 

Sustainability and
Communities Consultancy

At Driftwood Life we believe in a solution focused circular economy. 

We work with businesses to make sustainable changes in the workplace and develop practices that have positive impact on the local community, the people that live there and the environment. 

Plastic Free Living Workshops

A series of workshops designed to champion the small changes in every day life

  • A Beginners Guide
  • Plastic Free Christmas
  • Plastic Free Business
  • Plastic Free Community
  • The Next Steps
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