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We work with organisations and businesses of any size, to evaluate your use of single use plastic, educate on sustainable alternatives and recycling options. Our recommendations can be implemented promptly and with relative ease to have instant results, often leading to cost savings.

We help to link the local community into your  Corporate Social Responsibility, going beyond simple “green washing” to create lasting relationships and making real change.

PR you will really want to shout about.

Why Plastic Free?

Driven by YOU ~ Shaped by Nature

  • Every single piece of plastic ever made is still in existence.
  • We are literally poisoning ourselves with plastic. 
  • Plastic has been found in the food chain.
  • Plastic has been found in our water. 
  • Plastic crisis is all over the news. You can’t miss it. You can’t escape the severity of the problem.
  • Businesses have a social responsibility to address the problem. 
  • Education in common sense sustainability is needed.
  • Plastic is no longer going abroad.
  • We need to appreciate the value in plastic as a resource.
  • Ownership and responsibility needs to begin with the individual.
  • A single use plastic free community creates a sense of wellbeing, local engagement, increased footfall to an area – leading to increased business. 

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